Projects in Development

From Ready-To-Shoot to Completed Treatments, these are the projects we’d love to tell you more about!


The Bluff

Tag: The past won’t save you… Burn it.
Logline: Major, the dying leader of a North Georgia commune for recovering drug addicts called "The Compound,"puts his unaware followers through one final, violent, test.

Status: Financing

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The Cock Block

Tag: Lysistrata meets Greek.
Logline: Liz, a college T.A, leads the campus on a sex strike to find the person who assaulted her.

Status: Financing/Casting

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Most Likely

Tag: The Breakfast Club meets And Then There Were None
Logline: A trans poet attending his 10-year reunion, teams with his high school enemies to fight a masked killer and learns people are capable of change.

Status: Treatment